About the Authors

Jason and Taylor are both Arizona State University Alumni, while attending ASU they were members of the Leadership Scholarship Program, where they met and fell in love. They both share a passion for the University and the rich history it holds, A Mountain is no exception. As a major ASU icon, A Mountain holds many cherished memories for both of them; from white washing The A in their first week as freshmen, to the lighting of the A during homecoming.

Their love for ASU runs deep and they wish to share this with their two daughters Emerson, 2, and Campbell, 1, which is why they decided to write Protectors of The A. It is their hope that they too will grow up to love Arizona State, just as they have. GO DEVILS!!!

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ASU has a great program for families, they work to help develop the love for ASU for generations to come. Signup the children in your life today!

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What we're about

Cherishing Memories

Our memories from ASU will last a lifetime & we thought there was no better way to cherish them than capturing them in a children’s books. A book we could share with our own kids & yours.

Giving Back

We donate a portion of each of the children’s books sold to ASU to help develop tomorrow’s leaders. We’re committed to making sure that future generations experience what we did and more.

Building a Community

The Sun Devil community is our family & we relish the opportunity to help teach future Sun Devils about all that ASU has to offer.  Share your excitement on social media with #imaprotector

Protectors of the A

This ASU based children’s book takes you on a journey through a long-standing university tradition of protecting A-Mountain from some of our most vicious rivals. In order to keep those rivals away The Protectors must be strong and brave, but most importantly they must have a heart of maroon and gold. We hope that you and the children you share this story with will join us on this adventure and will also become A Protector one day!